How can I set up my custom domain name

Please ensure that you own a domain name before starting this guide, if you do not own a domain name you can purchase one from a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Configuring your custom domain name in the NamelessHosting dashboard
1. Go to your Dashboard -> Community Settings
2. Select the Custom Domain option
3. Now you can type your custom domain name into the field
4. Click Update 

Creating the DNS Records on your domain name
In the previous step you have told NamelessHosting witch custom domain you would like to use. You now need to create the DNS records within your domain provider to link it to NamelessHosting

How to create DNS Records using your domain provider
There is 2 options you can use A Records or use our NameServers
1. Find your DNS/Nameservers section
2. Remove all of the nameservers
3. Then add and
4. Then save

A Record:
1. Find the DNS/Host section
2. Point www and @ to
3. Then save

How to create DNS Records using Cloudflare DNS
1. Login on CloudFlare
2. Go to the DNS tab and scroll down to your DNS records.
3. There you can add a WWW and @ record then point them both to (Be sure there is no existing records for www and your domain name)
4. Click Add Record
5. Wait a few minutes and attempt to access your site

Please note if you attempted to visit your site before it was setuped correctly the browser have cached the old ip address so may take a few hours if you don't want to reset your browser cache

An example of how it should look in Cloudflare is listed in the image below.

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