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Updates to announce!

Hi Everyone, A couple of updates to announce!

- You can now write information on Forms with the fancy text editor
- Template Modules removed, You can now click Settings button on templates (More settings will come in future)
- Added Particles Module (Currently only support Snow effect in background)

If you are using a custom template you must modify header.tpl then add 
"<div id="particles-js"></div>"
before <body> at the bottom of the file
25 days ago

A couple of updates to announce!

Hi Everyone, a couple of updates to announce!

Firstly, we have released a new subdomain for your sites, This is a bit shorter for your sites, and you can switch in the Nameless Hosting Dashboard -> Community Settings tab.

Secondly, SSL is now available for custom domains for sites on both free and premium plans! Check it out in the Nameless Hosting Dashboard -> SSL tab. Consider this feature to be in beta, so if you experience any issues please let us know.

4 months ago

New Update

New Update
- Added Tebex integration module
- Add support for Twitter cards
- Add option to display IP address for each server
- Add categories to move topic dropdown
- Bring forum search in line with forum title for DefaultRevamp template
- Form Submissions and Comments can now contain new lines
6 months ago

Premium plan is finally available

Premium plan is finally available for those who want to try it :)

We currently only supporting Paypal, We don't offer subscriptions yet but will look into it later

We will also add resource module for premium plans later today
8 months ago

Your website is updated

We have updated all websites to the lastest version and more features are on the way very soon!

The most major changes and new stuff:
- New default redesigned template called DefaultRevamp
- You can now upload website banner
- Post editor is changed to bbeditor
- Forum drag reordering
- Statistics on forum is now changed into a statistics widget
- Only show PM suggested user list after 3 characters typed
- New languages and updated languages
- Alot of other small fixes and bug fixes

Upload site favicon and a new module coming this week! 
9 months ago

Check out Minecraft Community

Check out!
Minecraft Community is a place where you can post all your projects, get feedback and make friends!

Join today and enter our monthly giveaway!

10 months ago

Welcome to NamelessHosting Beta

Hi everyone, 

We have finally reopened NamelessHosting after almost a year downtime!
And we have finally come to a point where we could release beta but please note since this is in beta you must ecpect downtimes and problems,
If you find any exploits or bugs please report it to us

Join us at discord

11 months ago