Terms and Conditions

  • Your not allowed to run any other web softwares on your webserver, Only NamelessMC

  • Your not allowed to create more than 1 NamelessHosting account

  • Your only allowed to have 1 free NamelessMC plan on your NamelessHosting account 
  • If we find your webserver using any sort of system to bypass limits put on your webserver your server is subject to being terminated.

  • We reserve all rights to terminate your webserver or any service upon any violation of these terms, or any other basis if deemed needed.

terms and conditions
  • The Administration have the right to change these terms and conditions at any point without warning. Whilst you may be informed of any changes, it is your responsibility to check these terms and the rules at any point.

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This website uses "Nameless" website software. The "Nameless" software creators will not be held responsible for any content that may be experienced whilst browsing this site, nor are they responsible for any loss of data which may come about, for example a hacking attempt. The website is run independently from the software creators, and any content is the responsibility of the website administration.