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NamelessHosting will stay for a another month to see if people change to paid plans.

The premium plan cost 5 USD monthly to start with, Hopefully we get it lower in future.

How to upgrade
1. Login on Billing Area:
2. Click on Services and Select My Services
3. Click on your NamelessMC Product
4. Click on Upgrade/Downgrade on sidebar
5. Click on Choose Product 6. Click on Continue
7. Then pay :) 

Able payment methods:
- Paypal
- Stripe (Credit Card)

The new premium plan will get more storage and can use addon domains and subdomains
Premium will also get priority support

And if this goes good we have some huge plannes for modules :P, You also support NamelessMC development by having Premium plan
about 1 month ago

hey everyone check out our new Discord and Twitter :D

8 months ago

We have recreated NamelessHosting website that now allow us to do alot more and GamingHost is now fully NamelessHosting instead 2 seperate hosting websites there is now just this
9 months ago