Your only allowed to use NamelessMC Software on this webserver

We're allowed to shutdown this service

We're allowed to modify anythings


Install Guide

Step 1 | Order a free Web Server

  1. Click on "Get Started"
  2. Then select the domain type u want to use, Subdomain or use your domain
  3. Then u click "Click to Continue"
  4. Click on "Checkout (Note its free but still a payment process)"
  5. Then Register a account by filling out the fields with your Details
  6. Then Click "Complete Order" (Then it should be created if u not have selected any Paid addons)

Step 2 | Create a Database

  1. Go to
  2. Login on CPanel with your username and password that you received from your email
  3. Then you scroll down to "Database table" and click on "MySQL Databases"
  4. Then you will see "Create New Database" fill out a name you want then u click on "Create Database" after that click on "Go Back"
  5. Now scroll longer down you will see "Add New User" fill out these fields and click on "Create User" after that click on "Go Back" (TIP: Use your cpanel password so you can remember it)
  6. Now scroll longer down to you see "Add User To Database" and you will see "User" and "Database" fields them should already be selected if you only have one User and Database then u click on Add
  7. Now you will see a "ALL PRIVILEGES" option select it and click on "Make Changes"

Step 3: Install your website

  1. Go to your website
  2. Click on Install Now
  3. You can now enter the database details u created on step 1
  4. Click on Next
  5. You can now fill out the fields only Site name is requried
  6. Click on Next
  7. Click on No if u don't want to convert a another website
  8. You can now create a Admin Account
  9. Click on Finish

Video tutorial